Place of Force of Kathmandu Valley. 
Bodnatkh the mightiest shrine of antiquity of the Himalaya region.
Deep symbolism of Bodnatkh bears already several millennia the message of the world and compassion to all mankind.
Bodnatkh is the center of Tibetan Buddhism in Nenpal.
The mortar Bodnatkh is one of the biggest in the world.  She is entered by UNESCO in the list of world heritage.
Any who was on Bodnatkhe will confirm - she is live...
Earlier through Bodnatkh the way from Tibet to India lay. On this place many pilgrims stopped.
Near a mortar there are numerous temples.
In any of temples it is possible to enter, look round, and at desire, to attend morning or evening service.
The Buddhism - very peace doctrine.
It was necessary only to notice - to what is created with happy thoughts - remains for ages!